The Brown Derby: Famous Hat-Wearing Patrons

Facebook Twitter Pinterest reddit The Brown Derby, a famous restaurant in Hollywood, was a hotspot for celebrities during its heyday. The restaurant was known for its unique shape, which resembled a derby hat, and its caricature-covered walls. It was a popular spot for Hollywood stars to see and be seen, and many famous patrons frequented the restaurant. The restaurant’s most famous dish, the Cobb salad, was named after Robert Cobb, one of the restaurant’s owners. The salad was created by Cobb himself and became a staple on the menu. The Brown Derby was also known for its excellent service and its ability to cater to the unique tastes of its celebrity clientele. The restaurant’s famous patrons included Mary Pickford, Will Rogers, and Clark Gable, to name a few. The caricatures of these famous faces still line the walls of the restaurant today, although the original location has since closed. Origins of The Brown Derby The Brown Derby was a chain of famous Los Angeles restaurants that was founded in the 1920s by Wilson Mizner, Herbert Somborn, and Jack Warner. Mizner, a man-about-town, playwright turned developer, was the front man, while Somborn owned the property and Warner put up the money. … Continue reading The Brown Derby: Famous Hat-Wearing Patrons